BTS RM Shares A Painful Memory From BTS’s Pre-Debut Day


Maybe even BTS didn’t think that a small group with the name Bangtan Sonyeondan, which means Bulletproof Boys who were once refused, would one day become the name of the world’s top K-pop yıldız. And now BTS have proven they have what it takes to use such a wonderful name and make their mark on the world map, becoming the greatest idols of the 21st century.

As an ARMY, we all know that the original meaning of BTS is Bangtan Sonyeondan. Big Hit Entertainment, BTS’s management company, özgü stated that the name represents the concept of “defending social norms and pressure“. As “bulletproof” people, BTS members will fight against the “bullets” of stereotypes and social repression to protect their values ​​and music.

The idea of ​​successfully “defending” against social pressure actually extends to all teenagers, the group’s main audience. The “bulletproof” boys were created to protect the dreams and ideals of fans in their teens and 20s.

This is a name that özgü never been in Kpop history and when they first debuted as a group of a small company, BTS özgü faced a lot of criticism because of this name. This is also the sad memory that RM mentioned at the end of Mnet’s I-Land.

BTS appeared in the final episode of the survival show combining Bighit ̾ and Mnet as a mentor giving advice and cheering to the trainees. I-LANDers’ victories and struggles have brought back memories of BTS’s own pre-debut days.

When host Namgoong Min revealed ENHYPEN’s name, RM talked about how BTS’s group name (Bangtan Sonyeondan, literally Bulletproof Boyscouts) was a painful memory of their pre-debut days: “For us, we have a painful memory,” he said. “from when we didn’t tell anyone except our family and friends about our name for three years during that time.”

Thereby, RM reminded Bighit ̾’s new group that: “But ‘ENHYPEN’ is a pretty name,” he continued. “and we’re also cheering for the group’s new beginning.”

The name that made BTS feel “embarrαѕѕed” to say it. For three years, they kept their group name a secret until the day they debuted. Perhaps the boys felt at that time that they were not capable or influential enough to use that big name. The guilt and fear of a future they can’t even imagine makes them choose to keep their name a secret rather than say it.

This is also understandable because in the early days of debut, some ḳorean netizens used the name of the group without stopping to ċüŕṩệ and ridicule, including recorded comments:

– “Hey guys, don’t call it bulletproof helmets or bulletproof vests.”

– “Bangtan Sonyeondan hahahahaha.”

– “It’s been a while since I saw another company кιℓℓing their own artists after Coed.”

– “The name is right… You should curse the person who named the group like that. It’s not like they’re scouts.”

– “So, have you guys been shot yet? Hahahaha.”

– “Sounds like some 80s ̾japanese group.”

At the time when BTS started their activities, the group used to be the subject of ridicule of netizens on forums whenever they introduced themselves: “Bulletproof Youth League debuted. Our ideal type is Big Bang. We will definitely survive.”

When looking back at the comments disparaging BTS at that time, fans couldn’t help but be surprised at the meanness of the netizen that day. Some wonder what these netizens think now that the boy group they used to ċüŕṩệ at özgü become a very successful group at the moment:

– “Looking at those comments, I suddenly realized what era I’m living in. Now I can’t help but laugh. Thank you for creating Bangtan.”

– “The 700 commenters at that time must be embarrαѕѕed hahaha. It’s so good to see this, Bangtan did well beyond their expectations hahaha.”

The sadness of RM and BTS members was even repeated by the members after a few years of debut. Suga once recounted, “J-Hope and I were changing in the gym and someone approached us and asked if the group was about to debut. When we said “yes”, the guy wanted to know what the group’s name was. I didn’t hesitate to tell him that the group doesn’t have a name yet.”

When they debuted, BTS received a lot of criticism. However, the members stayed away from the “bullets” of prejudice and worked hard to create soмєтнing of their own. Now the name BTS is creating a “trend” around the world and is synonymous with success. As the most famous K-pop group today, Bangtansonyeondan or BTS, continues to change the K-pop scene.

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