Who Is ‘Padding Squad’? Jimin’s Famous Best Friend Group That Few People Know


In the kσrєαn showbiz world, there are close friends that are extremely famous because they gather all famous idols and among them is Jimin’s close friends – Padding Friends. They often show support, care for each other, even spending a lot of time going out alone. Talented boys in famous groups have gathered and become close to each other, making fans feel extremely excited:

Many Kpop fans in general as well as ARMY in particular know about the Padding Friends, including Wanna One and Hotshot’s Sungwoon, Shinee’s Taemin, Exo’s Kai, BTS ‘Jimin, Vixx’s Ravi and Hotshot’s Timoteo. Padding Friends

According to Sungwoon’s revelation in a program, their making friends started with Timoteo. Sungwoon said, “The first member was Timoteo hyung. He was a SM trainee for a long time, so he is very close to Taemin and Kai. Timoteo hyung has a friend who is not a celebrity, he introduced himself to me. introduced him to the rest. The four of them were the first four in the guild.”

Thanks to Timotheo, Ha Sungwoon started to get close to Taemin and Kai. He continued to explain the process of forming his close friends, “Ravi hyung was the next member to join the group, Kai was the one who introduced him.”

Padding Friends

Explaining about being close to BTS’ Jimin, Ha Sungwon said, “I’ve known j-hope since my trainee days. I don’t have much in common with him. Then I knew Suga hyung, it was Suga hyung who introduced me to Jimin. I’m very close to Jimin, i brought him into the group again”.

The group became so close that Taemin even bought them all matching padded jackets specially designed to represent them. That’s why the fans named the group “Padding Friends”. Close friendship in K-Pop is not a strange thing but being close enough to make a uniform like Jimin’s best friends is rare.

The members of the group are also often seen spending time eating out and playing billiards and cards together when they have the opportunity to gather:

Padding Friends

Padding Friends

Padding Friends

They also often have great moments together when they meet at year-end music stages or on occasions that gather many K-pop idols:





Not everyone is lucky enough to have close friends, especially in a noisy and complicated showbiz environment with a tight schedule of activities, no time to go out to meet friends. It can be said that Jimin and Padding Friends are extremely lucky idols because they have found true and wonderful close friends.

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