Jin Revealed Message When Making A Request To Bang PD During BTS’s Concert And He Actually Did It


Jin and Bang PD have always been known to have a certain close relationship. It is not difficult for fans to catch the lovely but equally funny moments of the two. Recently, a message from Jin revealing his request for Bang PD went viral online, making ARMYs feel that the two are really cute and close.

ARMYs all know that president Bang Shi Hyuk has a very close relationship with the BTS members. For the “father” of the group, the members have both respect and admiration, but also a closeness between them like brothers. We have seen many intimate moments of interaction between Bang PD and BTS and they are really natural even though one is the CEO of a corporation and the other is his artist. There seems to be no gap in their relationship from debut until now.

In particular, in BTS, Jin is always the one who has many jokes as well as funny moments, closest to Bang PD. Just recently, Jin sent ARMYs crazy when he uploaded a photo in which Bang PD is cooking dinner for Jin. It seems that before the attraction of Worldwide Handsome, Bang PD was unable to refuse his requests. Even when there was a request from Jin that Bang PD had to do in the crowd.

Specifically, at the last concert of the world tour “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” that ended well in Seoul, president Bang Sihyuk attended and mingled with the ARMYs. Along with many other celebrities, the President of Big Hit Entertainment – Bang Shi Hyuk, also appeared at the final concert of the 7 boys’ “Love Yourself: Speak Yourself” tour. The image of Bang Shi Hyuk appearing outside the concert venue, escorted by many bodyguards, made ARMYs feel extremely warm.

But the story behind that is a whole cute sky of Jin and Bang PD. Before the concert started, Jin made a special request for Bang Si Hyuk and asked him to make it into his solo. Jin asked Bang Si Hyuk to chant his name during his solo performance, and Bang PD not only granted Worldwide handsome’s wish but also provided video proof of it!

And Jin shared hilarious proof with his fans!

Once satisfied, Jin showed it off to his fans through a post he captioned, “He chanted“!

Even the CEO of one of the most influential entertainment groups in the K-pop music industry like Bang PD, like other ARMYs, can’t deny the boys’ excellent performances. Bang PD even recorded that fanchant as proof of his enthusiasm in the concert.

This is not the first time the interaction between Bang PD and Jin has become a hot topic of discussion on social networks. Before that, there were many moments passed on by fans about the closeness between Jin and Bang PD. One fan compared Bang Shi Hyuk to an eggplant and said, “Bang PD-nim, why did you come out from there??? ” Instead of responding to the fan that Bang Shi Hyuk doesn’t look like an eggplant, Jin wrote, “PD nim is crying…”.



When Dynamite won #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, BTS called Bang Shi Hyuk to congratulate him on the good news. The founder of Big Hit is not unexpected, as happy as the other members. Suga said, “I think he is crying” and Jin joked, “Send us a selfie of you crying!”…

Jin finally got his wish with satisfaction beyond satisfaction and Bang PD turned into a very cute and respectable character with his heart for BTS no less than any other. every single ARMY!

There are some comments of ARMY about that:

– Really cute and warm.

– Bang Si Hyuk worked hard

– The text messages between them are so close ㅋ ㅋ ㅋ

– It’s nice to see Seokjin close with Bang Si Hyuk.

– Those two are so cute awwww

– It’s nice to see him getting along with the BTS members.

– He did the fanchant like a real ARMY

– Wow, he did that cute thing for Seokjin and Jin and Bang PD are so close.

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