BTS Has The Best Answer To Whether Or Not They’re Actually Close In Real Life


BTS recently sat down for a WIRED “Autocomplete Interview” where they answered questions that people searched for online. They revealed various facts about themselves from the anime that they watch to what they think about their leader, RM

At the end of the interview, they were asked an upfront question: “Does BTS get along?” Like the true friends they are, they immediately joked that they’re not close.

No, we have a strictly business relationship!

— Jin

V even added, “Even amongst ourselves, we are social distanced,” implying that they never walk, sit, or stand nearby each other!

ARMYs know that these were all said in jest! Of course, they have a genuine friendship that grew steadily from pre-debut until present.


It’s the furthest thing from a strictly business-only relationship that a group can get!

Check out the full video below!


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