BTS’s Jimin And Suga Couldn’t Stop Suspecting V During “Run BTS!” But The Reality Couldn’t Have Been More Different.


In the latest episode of Run BTS!, the BTS members continued to find the other half of the broken ARMY headstone. Yet, along with that huge task, there was also a thief amongst the group. This member was secretly trying anything to stop the members from achieving their goals!

From the start of the episode, it seems as if none of the members could really trust each other as they were wary of which one could be the thief. In particular, Jimin and Suga seemed to quickly pick their target, and it was none other than V!

Jimin pointed out that V had become very immersed in his role since the challenge had started, even after removing the beard!

Jimin pointed out that, since the challenge had started, V had become very immersed in his role, even after removing the beard!

Yet, when the camera shot to V, it didn’t look like a man who you had to be wary of! Even though he did seem to be immersed in his role, it looked more like method acting rather than trying to hide a secret.

When Jimin confronted him about it, V seemed calm as a cucumber as he did everything Jimin wanted just to prove he wasn’t a thief!

It wasn’t the only time during the episode that V was the topic of suspicion when he was actually doing something rather adorable. Later on, as the members continued their hunt for the missing piece, V momentarily got distracted by a special guest!

Yet, even with this innocent act, Suga wasn’t convinced and tried to rope in fellow older members Jin and RM into his circle of suspicion for V! Luckily for VRM seemed to have his back, explaining, “But V does that often!”

With the thief not being revealed until the next episode, were the members right in picking V? Or was he just having some fun relaxing and playing with a cat?

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