BTS’s Jimin has taken Japan by storm as netizens select him as the Best Dancer, and more athletes declare their love and admiration for him


Jimin is known to be the most popular male idol in South Korea based on brand reputation rankings and Gallup survey. However, Japan is another country in which Jimin’s popularity has been skyrocketing for a while now. Every week sees a Japanese celebrity mentioning Jimin and declaring him to be their favorite member in BTS. The past few days have recorded various events that show Jimin as a favorite in Japan, ranging from mentions by television hosts, athletes, and other celebrities, to winning polls strictly conducted among the Japanese netizens.

On August 9, Jimin emerged in first place in a survey for the best dancer in K-pop. The organizer for the survey was Netlab, and it involved Japanese netizens strictly, running from August 3 to August 10. The site took some measures to ensure the credibility of the results, such as blocking access to the site from outside of Japan, in that only Japanese residents could vote. In addition, The Japanese voters also faced regulations to avoid manipulation of the results, such as ensuring that voters could only cast their vote once. Jimin won with 16.3% of the votes out of the 28 contestants.

Additionally, another Japanese athlete has been revealed to be a fan of Jimin. On August 10, softball gold medalist Miu Goto shared a photo collage of Jimin on Instagram stories, calling him a King and Prince and also saying that he is very handsome. Miu further gushes about Jimin sharing a birthday with her brother, showing how affectionate she is towards him. Miu even has Jimin’s name on her bio on her Instagram account.

Another athlete, an artistic gymnast and a medalist in the 2020 Olympics and other events in previous years, Mai Murakami, also revealed that she is Jimin’s fan while on a show called Sôkai jôhô variety Sukkiri!! In fact, she says that she knew Jimin before she knew BTS and became a fan of BTS after learning more about Jimin and the group. Jimin is truly a stan attractor as he has been known to draw in numerous new fans to the group over the years.

Jimin’s popularity among athletes in Japan and even in South Korea and other regions is over the roof. Other athletes who have shown love for Jimin recently include Lee Yu-Bin, Yuzuru Hanyu, and Douglas Souza. Yuzuru even stated that he was studying Jimin’s dance to learn a few things from him.


Jimin is truly a star, as various star athletes have expressed their admiration for him both visually and artistically. He continues to be an inspiration to seasoned professionals, which speaks to his power and influence through his craft. Japan is one of the regions where he has clearly gained massive support for his dedication and excellence in his work, and it is expected that more support will pour in for Jimin in the coming days. Japan is Jiminland.

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