BTS’s Official Twitter Account Had Ever Updated A Post To Look For ARMY Losing Wallet


For ARMY, when they give love to BTS, they not only love their idols, but also those who have always helped and loved BTS also become people that ARMYs love. Those are the people who have silently sacrificed and helped BTS achieve the success it is today. Not only that, Big Hit’s staffs are always caring and attentive to ARMY. Here is a story that is emerging recently about the kindness of Big Hit staff.

Recently, on Twitter, ARMYs recalled the story of the kindness of Big Hit’s staff. That’s how Big Hit’s staff used BTS’s official Twitter account to find ARMY who lσst their wallet during the concert.

Specifically, about 6 years ago, an ARMY dropped his wallet when he came to see BTS at ISAC 2015. Then the staff posted directly on the group’s official Twitter so that they could quickly find the owner of the wallet with baby bear with the caption: “ARMY who lσst this bear card wallet, please go to the BTS fanclub seat/area and find the person in charge of the fanclub!”

The important thing here is that BTS’s official Twitter account is always used to post important information related to BTS’s schedule and activities. But the staff, the company and even BTS agreed to use them to find the owner of the lσst wallet in the hope of finding him as soon as possible thanks to social networks. This beautiful act of the staff received many compliments at that time and even now, after many years the story is repeated:

– From the company to the idols and the entire staff ❤ oh everyone is so cute

– Cute from idol to staff

– So cute

– The staff must be worried about that ARMY

– Staff even used BTS’s Twitter account to find the owner of the wallet? They are so kind

– The staff and the idols are amazing

– Big Hit is a good company

– Thank you so much staff for always working hard and taking care of ARMY

In the past, there have been many stories spread by ARMYs about the friendliness and enthusiasm of Big Hit’s staff in general and BTS in particular. Superstar managers and staff will often have an arrogant and demanding attitude as if they were superstars themselves. But Bigḧïẗ’s staffs take very good care of the members. Not only that, the staff is also extremely friendly and kind to other staff.

In the showbiz world, it’s not unusual for idols to get into scandals, or talk about them because of mean staff. However, that has never happened with BTS either. Perhaps it is because of BTS’s friendliness and professional working attitude along with the responsibility and kindness of Big Hit’s staff that they always maintain a harmonious relationship.

Not long ago during the Muster Sowoozoo 2021 D-2 performance, a Big Hit staff discovered a fire near the stage area while BTS was performing. This staff didn’t hesitate and quickly ran over to put out the fire with his bare hands despite how dangerous it might be to him. His responsibility and kindness towards BTS makes ARMY extremely touched and grateful.

Previously, at a performance in Thailand at Rajamangala Stadium on April 6-7, 2019, BTS also had an incident when the stage floor showed signs of collapsing while they were performing. And fortunately, when they realised that BTS was in danger, the staff яιѕкє∂ their lives to help the stage with their bare hands while repairing it.

Another cute little story of Big Hit’s staff is that in 2018, after the Love Yourself in Taiwan concert, BigHit’s staff told ARMY: “Don’t forget to study, kids, study hard, don’t be lazy, anh Please help your parents at home. Tomorrow you will return to your daily life, no matter how difficult it is, let’s try to overcome it. Good luck.”

In the end, it’s really cute and heartwarming stories in the complicated entertainment industry. ARMY, please give more love and respect to those who are always behind BTS!

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