BTS’s Jimin continues to stand out among music professionals and younger artists


Jimin never fails to leave an impression on anyone who sees or meets him for the first time. This is exactly why many professionals in the music industry, as well as younger artists, all single him out as a favorite and a role model, respectively. Outside of music, Jimin’s charms and the way he carries himself is another big factor that sees many companies and public figures in different industries expressing their interest in working with him. Jimin is the man the world wants.

On August 12, yet another professional in the music industry revealed that Jimin is her favorite among the BTS members. American singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Candace Sosa stated that she does have a slight thing for Jimin, so she would go with him on that one when asked who her bias in BTS was during an interview with GEEKSPIN

These questions possibly stemmed from the fact that Candance has worked on various BTS songs over the years as a producer. Some of the songs she has been involved in include Magic Shop, Love Maze, Mikrokosmos, Am Fine, Love Myself, Moon, Euphoria, and We Are Bulletproof: The Eternal. From this list of songs, none of them were specifically for Jimin in terms of solo songs, yet she picked him a favorite. This is a demonstration of Jimin’s power to leave an impression on anyone who comes across him.

When it comes to younger artists, Jimin has popularly become known as the ‘Rookies’ Bible’ and ‘Idol of Idols’ as a significant number of rookie group idols always sing his praises, saying they would like to be artists just like him. Some have covered some of Jimin’s songs as a way to prove their capabilities both in terms of vocal and performance skills since the entire music industry in South Korea considers Jimin as a benchmark performer in both sectors.


However, it is not just younger artists in South Korea who hold Jimin in such high regard, but artists outside of the country hold the same level of admiration for Jimin’s skill. On August 9, Sheena, a singer and main dancer of the Philippines’s premier P-pop girl group BINI, recorded a dance cover of Jimin’s Lie and uploaded it on social media. Lie is arguably the most covered song by rookie group members, and it is no surprise that the impact is also felt outside of the country.

Just about a month ago, Dispatch compiled a list of 8 Best Main Dancers among male idols and posted it on Instagram. Jimin was at the top of this list. Additionally, another Korean media outlet ‘Cosmopolitan’ also selected 6 K-pop male idols who are gaining attention for their mesmerizing dancing skills, and once again, Jimin was in first position … Therefore, everyone agrees that Jimin is a top dancer in the industry, making it inevitable that all younger artists would look up to him and strive to be of his standard as well.

On the commercial scene, Samsung has recently released the #GalaxyZFlip3. BTS is Samsung’s brand ambassador, and so the brand incorporated the group’s latest hit single ‘Butter’ in this latest product’s AD. The advertisement, which was posted on YouTube, had snippets of the song’s music video, and Jimin’s part, which had been dubbed as the ‘1:11 Killing Part’ when the song was released, was featured in the AD. There is no denying that Jimin is a force to reckon with for any business, and brands do recognize his impact and influence on the public. Not only did Samsung include his part of the music video in the advertisement, but the brand further posted that same part of the advertisement on its official Twitter handle.

Jimin’s impact is unimaginable, and he is of high value to any brand. Samsung has always acknowledged Jimin’s power even in previous collaborations as Korean media outlets reported on Jimin’s impact during the Samsung Galaxy S20 campaigns. Jimin is the perfect model and ambassador for any brand, and Samsung sees his value indeed.

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