The Original Version Of BTS’s “Permission to Dance” Was A Love Song — Here’s How They Changed It


With music created from life aspirations and sincere love, BTS brings lively sounds that touch listeners’ hearts and inspire life. Not only that, BTS’s music also contains thoughts that are the whole process of forming the essence of their music every comeback. Especially with the most recent summer нιт – Permission To Dance, which is an example of BTS’s musical creative thinking.

At the present time, when it comes to korean music, BTS is the name that immediately comes to mind. With a strong spread and influence, BTS has become a bridge for auďïệnces from all over the world.

BTS’s songs are considered to have the power to heal mental wounds and convey strong motivation to listeners. The special thing is that their music has overcome all language barriers, receiving sympathy from auďïệnces from many countries. One of the typical songs for this is the summer нιт Permission To Dance – a song that conveys hope during a difficult pandemic.

But perhaps few of us know that the original sketches of BTS were a love song and BTS during discussions with Ed Sheeran changed them to convey an instant message. This was revealed by Nicole Kim, the leader of BIG HIT MUSIC’s A&R Team in a recent interview.

Specifically, Nicole Kim said that BTS and Ed Sheeran had collaborated on the song “Make It Right” before and they also understood each other’s musical styles well. Although working online, their cooperation process is very smooth because there is always a good exchange and good ideas.

Nicole Kim also mentioned that BTS had plans to compose a song that gives people hope during the pandemic. Upon hearing the sketch of Permission To Dance, BTS “liked the song as it is, but the original lyrics were more like a marriage proposal – more personal, like a love song”. Therefore, BTS wanted to change the lyrics to match their original goal: “In the process of consolidating and conveying the theme, and how other people translate it into the actual lyrics, if we use vague language, then the people hearing it have a completely different image in mind, so sometimes we offer a hypothetical storyline to be as specific as possible.”

Not only that, the original version of the song was performed by the soloist, so they had to adjust it to fit the 7 BTS members. Each has their own unique qualities, and both Ed Sheeran and producer Steve Mac helped tailor the song to suit the different members. The special thing is that in Permission To Dance, BTS’ rapper line sang instead of rapping and it really captivated ARMYs.

The important thing here is that BTS understands what they want to use the music for and they know how to work with each other and other producers to create a great piece. With musical inspiration coming from reality, BTS’ songs touch listeners’ hearts with realistic visual materials, helping each auďïệnce enjoy the feeling: “It seems like they wrote this song for me”, and then see their own story in it.

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