BTS’s Jungkook Was Innocent In The Latest “Run BTS!” But The True Thieves Nearly Convinced Him That He Was Guilty


When it comes to BTS, they are close as group members can be and have been compared to brothers! Obviously, siblings always like to have fun with each other, and that was perfectly on show during the latest episode of Run BTS!

During the episode, members finished their mission of finding the other half of the broken ARMY headstone while identifying the thief. It was already chaotic, with the group accidentally trapping the cameraman in a cell after they broke the key.

Luckily, after he had been saved and the headstone was located, it was time to finally decide who the mafia had been with the hints they’d received.

Throughout the past episodes, the members have proven that they can be very suspicious of each other when it comes to trying to complete a task. Previously, the likes of J-Hope and V had been prime targets for Suga and Jimin.

This time was no different as each of them went through the clues and interrogated the rest of the group in the hopes of finding out the real thief. The first person to feel the wrath was Suga, who matched the hint of the thief wearing white.

Yet, one other person caught in the line of fire was maknae Jungkook! After focusing on the topic of clothing, several of the members seemed to suspect Jungkook, who was adamant it wasn’t him on several occasions.

In the end, it was eventually revealed that Suga and Jin had been the thieves all along. Despite the confusion and trickery from two of the oldest members, the others had worked it out and managed to make their way back to 2021.

However, there was one more plot twist as Jin suddenly told Jungkook to raise his hand. Before the two revealed themselves as the mafia, the other members were still sure Jungkook was a culprit to the point where even he was made to think he’d been the mafia without even knowing.

Luckily, the other members assured Jungkook that Suga and Jin were just playing with him, but it still seemed to shake the maknae, who really thought that he had been the mafia!

Although Jungkook finally felt safe knowing it wasn’t him, it seems like a pattern with the youngest member, who always seems to be suspected.

Luckily, it was all sorted, and the mafia was finally revealed to both the BTS members and ARMYs! You can read more about the episode below.

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