Lizzo Reveals That BTS Have Taken Over Her TikTok FYP And She Admires Jimin And V’s Friendship


BTS has one of the best, largest, and most successful fanbases of all time. ARMY includes many celebrities, including none other than American singer-songwriter-rapper, the queen herself, Lizzo.

Lizzo | Jora Frantzis

Recently, Lizzo held an Instagram Live following her new song release with Cardi B, “Rumors.” She treated her fans to an ASMR-filled mukang as she ate vegan peanut butter and chocolate cake inspired by the “Rumors” music video. While she ate the delicious-looking cake, she answered viewers’ questions, talking about everything from a potential collaboration with Dua Lipa and, of course, Harry Styles.

One comment that really caught her attention happened to mention K-Pop. Now, it’s no secret that Lizzo is a big fan of BTS. She’s grown a lot as an ARMY since she first heard their music in 2019. Now, she looks for any opportunity to praise the group. So, she was more than happy to talk about her favorite K-Pop group!

Let me tell y’all something. I just really love BTS. They are on my FYP so much on TikTok now…

— Lizzo


She shared that her sister helped introduce her to BTS, and being the good sister that Lizzo is, she would send her any BTS video that happened upon her TikTok. Due to the algorithm, her FYP is now filled with BTS videos, but she’s definitely not complaining about that!

Because my sister is ARMY … she loved BTS, she introduced me to BTS. So, when I would see a BTS video on my FYP, I would send it to her and the algorithm was like, ‘Oh, she sharing this, okay!’ So, I just kept getting more and more BTS.

— Lizzo


In fact, if anything, it’s only encouraged her even more to stan BTS. After seeing so many videos and getting to know each member, she just can’t help but admire them!

And the more I see them and their personalities… Like, of course, the music is good, but I get why people… why ARMY is ARMY… Because [of] their individual personalities, their style… They be dancing.

— Lizzo


She again mentioned that Jimin is her favorite or, as she said in her live, “bias.” See, she’s even learning the lingo now! Based on some of her recent lives, it seems safe to say that V might be her bias wrecker. She has now admitted that she loves them not only individually but their friendship as well!

You know Jimin is my favorite. Jimin is my bias? That’s what you say? I love Jimin. I like V too! Their relationship… Whenever they perform, they be next to each other … They’re like BFFs.

— Lizzo

You know she must be deep in the fandom now; she even knows Jimin and V are soulmates! They are truly some of the best friends there are.

Who wants to bet “Friends” is her favorite song?

Watch her full Instagram Live below:


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