Jungkook’s Baby Picture Is Featured On Beyoncé’s Website For ‘Virgo Season Yearbook’

Wake up ARMYs, the month of Virgo has begun and Beyoncé’s website recently posted the Virgo Season Yearbook – a list of celebrities that she admires with birthdays under the constellation Virgo. And is it surprising that Jungkook is the only kσrєαn artist featured in this yearbook. The whole world is buzzing because Jungkook is shooting Beyoncé’s Virgo season yearbook.

It’s almost Virgo season and Beyoncé is celebrating the Virgo season on her official website. On August 22, the pop star adorned her website with baby photos of Virgo celebrities on her official website. Among the many familiar faces, a picture of Jungkook as a kid is also featured as he is also one of the most famous Virgos.

Jungkook’s baby image was introduced along with images of celebrities such as Blake Lively, Nick Jonas, Pink, Zendaya, Wiz Khalifa,… Even, Jungkook is one of Beyoncé’s favorite people. next to iconic figures like Bernie Sanders or Mother Teresa.

It is known that Beyoncé is a famous Virgo and this year, she celebrates her birthday and the celebrities by posting on her official website a collection of childhood photos of famous Virgos. It’s great that a music legend knows and seems to love the golden maknae of BTS and ARMY. Many ARMYs left comments after the news went viral:


– She must have asked JK for his permission to use that cute photo of him right? cannot imagine the interaction!!

– our little one


– The way beyoncé is the first one to greet jungkook a happy birthday

– Wow that’s amazing!

– I remember when the producer who helped jk with my time said she likes my time

– Omg this means she likes Jungkook and congratulated him

– Awwwww so cute

This isn’t the first time Beyoncé has shown her fondness for Jungkook, though. Never forget that Beyoncé once confirmed that she loves Jungkook’s My Time!

ARMYs are feeling extremely excited and excited at the image of baby Jungkook appearing in this set of photos. It’s just over a week until Jungkook’s birthday and this must be a great and meaningful gift for his birthday!

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