ARMYs Celebrate Jimin’s 32 Consecutive Months Of Topping The Brand Reputation Ranking By Donating To The PCRF


On August 21, the kσrєα Institute of Corporate Reputation released a report on the brand reputation rankings for each boy group member for the month of August. Jimin topped the chart, confirming the unification. their value on this ranking. He has now extended his winning streak to 32 straight months and a total of 34 months.

The Brand Value Index is a measure of an artist’s marketability based on the public’s impression of them. With Jimin’s dominance in this indicator, it can be said that he is considered the most popular idol in korea, and therefore possesses a high level of influence and brand power. Fans were ecstatic with the impressive achievement and immediately started celebrating by sending congratulatory messages to Jimin.

Various hashtags and keywords became trending on Twitter after the occasion. In South korea, three hashtags took over the top three trends in just a few minutes. As time went on, other tags like #WeLoveYouJimin and keywords like Congratulations Jimin also entered the trend.

Statistics from later in the day show that three of the hashtags were among the longest trending hashtags in korea that day (24 hour period). The three hashtags ranked at positions 5, 6, and 7 on the longest trending cards of the day, all trending over 6 hours.


The celebrations don’t stop there. Hours after the BR results were posted, one of Jimin’s fans, JIMIN UNITED, announced that they had donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund in the name of Park Jimin. PCRF is a non-profit organization operating in the Middle East, providing medical and humanitarian care to sick and injured children, and has been in business for more than a quarter of a century.

The donation made will have 55 beneficiaries, where they will be αssisted in cases such as performing various types of surgery and cancer testing, purchasing hearing aids, wheelchairs and medical equipment, and pay for medicines as well as pay for other forms of emergency humanitarian relief.

Jimin is known to regularly donate to children’s rights activities such as ensuring their children’s education and has always been a good influence on his fans around the world. His fans always try to emulate his kind and caring heart, to make a positive impact on the lives of others in any way that they can.


In addition, the celebration extends to other areas such as supporting Jimin in the voting polls. This is one of the areas where Jimin’s fans are dedicated, devoting themselves to helping Jimin stay on top.

On the Choeaedol idol chart for individual boy group members, Jimin took first place after receiving 16,910,766 hearts.

In addition, he ranked first in the daily results of KDOL ME with a total of 4,758,389 hearts votes. It is worth noting that Jimin has dominated the platform by topping the monthly chart for 12 consecutive months. He has also won weekly results for the past three weeks, which means he could win for the 13th month in a row.

In another poll conducted by Ex Fun Dish’s DCInside Portal website, over a 7-day period starting from August 15 to August 21, Jimin was chosen as the idol with the representative vocal. for K-pop. He received 52,624 votes, accounting for 53.37% of the total of 98,594 votes.

Jimin is an artist and a special individual and his fans are incredibly proud of him and all that he has achieved including his positive influence on the world…They try to follow his good deeds and be good people while supporting him in any way they can.

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