Taehyung Was Voted By 2 Popular Media Outlets As The Most Handsome Man In The World In 2021


V continues to overwhelm the world with his unreal image!

Another year Taehyung was again announced by two media as “The most handsome man in the world in 2021”. Entertainment site ‘BESTTOPPERS’ has made a list of ‘Top 10 most handsome men in the world in 2021’ and chose V as number one.

The media has introduced V as “The most handsome BTS member, V, is famous for his unique voice and visuals”

Another entertainment site ‘The Bulletin Times’ also ranked V as “The Most Handsome Man in 2021”, confirming his popularity as a global handsome man.

Taehyung adds to his list of never-old Visual titles, considered “kσrєα’s pride” for being the only kσrєαn celebrity to have those titles.

Dispatch kσrєα posted about the news on Naver and on the official Instagram account.

A post on TheQoo is currently trending in the hot category, where netizens discuss Taehyung being chosen as the “2021’s most handsome man in the world” and his visual titles.

Some notable comments are as follows:

– “I went to pre-recording and saw him up close. It’s unrealistic… Like an anime or it’s like CG.”

– “I’ve seen him in Lotte Concert before and he looked unreal.”

– “It’s clear that the real V has a unique aura”

– “Our treasure”

– “V is a cute boy, so he’s really precious”

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