BTS Jungkook’s brand power on full display as his airport look from Louis Vuitton gets sold out in 22 countries


BTS left for New York to attend the 76th UNGA, and Jungkook’s eye-catching, standout airport look left fans excited and asking for more as his outfit got sold out in 22 countries.

Jungkook wore a stylish Louis Vuitton tie-dye set from their latest Fall men’s collection along with a Louis Vuitton backpack and shoes from Wooyoungmi. His entire fit got sold out at Louis Vuitton websites around the world, as did the shoes.


Jungkook had sold out his Louis Vuitton outfits on numerous occasions, such as when his Blazer from Virgil Abloh’s IG story got sold out in 29 countries after fans worldwide saw him wearing it.

Jungkook’s Iconic Denim outfit from Dynamite music video also got sold out on 16 Louis Vuitton websites worldwide.


Numerous other looks he previously wore from Luis Vuitton also got sold out worldwide.

Fans couldn’t hold in their excitement at seeing Jungkook at the airport in over two years. They admired his gorgeous outfit and the cool way he carried the entire look. His perfect physique and visuals complemented the outfit and made him stand out.

Many media outlets reported on Jungkook’s eye-catching airport looks and called it “Airport Fashion Goals.”


Jungkook’s stunning airport look from today has been added to the list of iconic Jungkook airport looks.

As usual, he made fans want to wear what he wore and made his outfit sell out, demonstrating his immense brand power once again.

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