Netizens are wondering if a Big Hit staff member visited a BTS hate gallery site during the group’s V LIVE broadcast


On September 21, the BTS members logged onto V LIVE to spend time with their fans, even during their historic trip to New York City.

On this day, BTS decided to log on to celebrate the Korean holiday Chuseok and say hello to their fans all around the globe. Although the members had difficulties continuing the live broadcast due to the internet connection, they were still able to broadcast for a bit.

After the broadcast aired, a few discussions in various online communities talked about the live broadcast on this day. This was because the fans discovered something during the live broadcast. 






On the corner of the bottom right corner of the screen, a Big Hit staff member’s hand was seen holding a smartphone, and she seemed to be browsing the web. However, a few Korean netizens raised the suspicion that this staff member visited a BTS hate gallery site. Many netizens speculated that the staff member might have been on the online community to monitor what the hate gallery is posting.

Nevertheless, a handful of netizens suspected that this staff member could be leaking some of BTS’s schedules. There are rumors in which individuals, with some suggesting that staff members are selling information about the boy group’s schedule on these hate gallery sites. Many netizens were wary that this staff member might be the one who leaked some of BTS’s information online, and many netizens have been discussing her phone screen since the live broadcast.

Netizens commented, “There is a serious issue with the staff members working close with BTS,” “If what the original post is saying is true, then this is a big issue,” “So there was a staff member who was seen visiting various online communities such as DC gallery and Theqoo. V LIVE deleted the video and uploaded a blurred version, so they know,” and “There were BTS photos that got leaked too, and it’s definitely the staff members since they were photos that no one except the staff has access to.’

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