Jin Proves He Can Make A Friend (And Fan) Out Of Anybody… Even Sharks


We know BTS‘s Jin is incredibly friendly and can make friends with anyone and literally everywhere, no matter where he goes.

Still, we didn’t expect how easily he could be friends with not only those on land but also at sea

After returning to South kσrєα from his three-day stay in New York City, Jin took a much-needed rest by doing his favorite hobby, fishing. That’s when he äċċïďệńẗally attracted much more than just a small fish.

He encountered what is, for most of us, our worst nightmare… Especially if you’ve seen the Steven Spielberg cla̾s̾sic film Jaws.

Jin shared documentation of his adventure, showing ARMY a photo he captured that shows a shark underwater. Initially, he caused some worry in our hearts as he mentioned having experienced “the bite of a shark”. However, he clearly was lighthearted about the experience, having even phrased it like a video game. He posted on Weverse: “[Achievement Unlocked] You have now become someone that has experienced the bite of a shark”.

ARMY soon realized Jin meant that the shark had taken a bite of his bait and not him, but we still hope he was as careful as possible considering the circumstances. Jin himself remained cool, calm, and collected, saying that the shark probably just wanted to meet him and get an autograph (he has a point). He commented: “seems like it came to get an autograph”.

The one regret he had about his surprise shark encounter? He wishes that he had greeted him better and asked, “Do you know BTS?”

This is a reference to his iconic running gag for whenever he meets foreigners.

No matter where he goes…

It never fails. Jin will always, at some point, ask someone if they know BTS if he’s outside korea.

This has become not just an inside joke for ARMY and Jin, but all of kσrєα as it’s an icebreaker to ask foreigners if they are familiar with kσrєα.

Sometimes it works well! Especially if you’re “Worldwide Handsome.” He has no trouble making friends despite age, location, or cultural differences, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the shark truly did want to meet Jin!

There’s no video released from Jin’s shark encounter. Still, ARMY made some cute fanart inspired by Jin’s story, giving some added visual to it!

What would you do if you encountered a shark? According to Jin, you should ask if they know BTS! Who knows? You might make a new friend.

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