BTS’s V proves his title as ‘SOLD OUT KING’ as all of his worn outfits at the TMAs get sold out quickly after the group’s appearance


On October 2nd, BTS attended The Fact Music Awards as the group got awarded in 5 categories. They even performed on their super hit songs like Boy With LuvButter & Permission To Dance.

After the group’s appearance on the red carpet & their performance, BTS’s Vraised a storm on social media because of his alluring vocals and ethereal looks. Netizens couldn’t stop talking about his mesmerizing vocals and unbelievable visuals.

Within just a few hours, all of his outfits worn at the event got sold out after the group’s appearance.

It’s no wonder that his brand power is immense, considering every time his worn clothes and accessories in any event or brand advertisement get sold out the fastest among the others.

On various occasions, V has proved his title as the “SOLD OUT KING” as his used products or worn accessories got sold out almost immediately on the brands’ websites.

FAKEME, a sunglasses brand, uploaded on their official IG account that V‘s worn glasses (NATURAL BORN NB003) at Global Citizen Live got instantly sold out on their website after the group’s performance.

His outfit from the group’s Apple Music Poster of the COLDPLAYxBTS collaboration got sold out in all colors on the brand’s official website.

K-media reported about Taehyung wearing a silver locket bracelet to raise funds for UNICEF by brand Louis Vuitton. Very soon, he emerged as a “SOLD OUT ICON” as the bracelet worn by him was sold out on all sites in Korea. Media reported: As the bracelet is a promise to help children in need, V used his positive influence to raise funds for Syrian refugee children.”

Further proving his brand power, V managed to instantly sell out his worn Dynamite Donut Hoddie from the FILA x BTS Dynamite collection.

K-Media reported:“The hoodie worn by V in the advertisement was sold out in an instant & climbed to the top of the bestseller list, boasting once again V’s reputation as SOLD-OUT KING & ‘VIDAS’ HANDS.”

Almost everything he wears or uses becomes a hot topic for the netizens, and that eventually results in the fast-selling out of the items.

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