Have BTS Jin’s Shoulders Gotten Wider? Here’s His True Measurement


In episodes 154 and 155 of Run BTS!, the members of BTS have been taking fans on a trip down memory lane. In particular, they have been looking back at some of the funniest episodes of all time. While doing this, they have been answering some questions and revealing some TMI!

At the end of the last episode, the members were asked about the second part of episode 92. During the episode, the members measured various body parts of each other, and in particular, they were debating the width of Jin‘s shoulders.

Yet, to get the point, the members had to try and remember exactly how wide they were. In the episode, the members had to guess whether it was more than 50cm, and it seems like Suga and V thought that Jin’s shoulders must be bigger than that, but they got it wrong.


Yet, when it came to Jimin, he proved just how much he not only knows his members but how much he knows Run BTS! Although Jungkook joked that it shouldn’t count because Jimin was standing next to Jin at the time, it still shows just good his memory is.

Luckily, the staff was willing to give Jimin the point if Jin’s shoulders were still 48cm! After confusion last time, the members needed a proper plan on how to measure Jin, including what they include and how accurate the measurements are.

While this was happening, Jin just sat trying to work out how he had managed to find himself in that situation again.

As expected, Jin had some fun with his members when they were trying to measure him, explaining exactly where they should measure from. Unsurprisingly, with a reading of 88cm, it is no surprise that Jin made the suggestion.

After making fans wait until the next episode, fans finally got the answer to whether Jin’s shoulders had really grown, with some help from his recent gym activity. Unfortunately, it seems like Jimin was exactly right, and Jin’s shoulder width was still 48cm!

Although Jin seemed disappointed, Jimin got his point and moved himself up the leaderboard. Despite the fact that Jin’s shoulder might not have grown, he is still as handsome as ever!

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