BTS’s Jungkook And IU Wore The Same Pricey Pin But Served Totally Different Vibes


BTS‘s Jungkook and IU are two of K-Pop’s greatest vocalists and fashion icons. They have distinctly different (and equally beautiful) sounds, but when it comes to fashion, sometimes great minds think alike!

Both stars have worn this GUCCI Floral Brooch with Crystals, priced at $1,050 USD, but in different ways. Most jewelry lends itself to either warm or cool palettes, but this pin’s blend of gold and silver matches both, giving stylists more options.

IU wore the pin to the 2021 Golden Disc Awards, pairing it with a dark navy suit, a white shirt with ruffled detailing, and thigh-high black boots.


Her outfit was on the cool side, and the pin added a vintage touch to the otherwise modern look.

Jungkook went in the opposite direction for BTS’s retro hit, “Dynamite.” When he wore this pin for the music video and a performance on America’s Got Talent, he paired it with a GUCCI outfit inspired by 1970s fashion. His outfit has much warmer tones.


Jungkook’s pin, on the other hand, is less of a statement piece. Instead, it blends into his blazer’s pattern and provides a hint of fanciness to an otherwise casual look.


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