Big Hit Music Announces V Will Not Participate In Any Choreography For Today’s Concert Due To A Calf Injury

This seems like bad news to all of us. A few minutes ago, Big Hit Music announced that V had suffered an injury while rehearsing for Permission To Dane On Stage Online Concert.
Only a few hours left until the online concert Permission To Dance On Stage takes place under the eager anticipation of millions of fans. However, not long ago, Big Hit Music made an announcement that V could not participate in the online concert. V suffered a leg injury after the rehearsal for the online concert that took place this afternoon.

Specifically, Big Hit Music’s announcement is as follows:



We would like to provide the following information regarding the performance of BTS member V as part of today’s “‘BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”.

V experienced pain in his calf muscles during rehearsal on the evening of October 23, and visited a nearby hospital for examination and treatment. It was the opinion of the medical personnel that while there was no issue affecting the bones in his legs, he should refrain from vigorous movement such as choreography or stage performance for the time being.

While the artist himself strongly wished to participate in the performance in full, our company has decided to follow physician advice and minimize V’s movements during today’s “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE”. As a result, V will take part in the performance while seated and without choreography. We ask for your understanding.

We will continue to place the highest priority on the health and safety of our artists, and strive to ensure that all the members of BTS can meet their fans in full health.

Thank you.”

ARMYs are feeling extremely worried for Taehyung and hope he gets well soon. Currently on Twitter ARMY is trending the hashtags #GetBetterSoonTae and #WELOVEYOUTAEHYUNG to cheer V’s spirit before the concert. A video posted on Twitter when V was singing Life Goes On was also päṩṩed on by ARMYs by his sweet voice.

Anyway, hope V and the BTS members will have a great concert with ARMY tonight!

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